Ambulances & Mobile Medical Solutions


Ambulance & Specialised Vehicles

Our 30 years of expertise and projects’ experience of Mr. Manu Jain together makes us the strongest supplier of ambulances and specialised medical vehicles in India. We adhere to strict quality standards while understanding your requirements and provide ambulances matching your specified needs.

Some of our developed concepts running in India:

  • Standard ambulance (BLS and ALS)
  • Hi-tech ambulance (equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities)
  • Neonatal Ambulance / Mother and Child care unit
  • Rural OPD medical unit
  • Mobile ICU
  • Mobile Medical Unit – dialysis vehicle, audiology vehicle, dental van, cardiology vehicle, mobile counseling vehicle, multi-patient ambulance, and surgical vehicle.
  • Mobile Hospital


    Brands We Work With

    Field Hospitals

    These are portable medical units that serve the needs of mass calamity and medical emergency. These units can be stored in the chassis or airdropped or even carried via rail.

    The purpose of these units is to support the main medical facility by allowing extended capacity. These units are inflated into full-fledged medical facility that can accommodate stretchers, medical equipment, oxygen, portable bathroom system, and sterile environment to isolate patients.


    We work on projects to facilitate healthcare needs in countries outside India. Our makeshift concepts and supply chains are designed to accommodate needs of multi-national organisations. We deal in exports of:

  • Ambulances and mobile medical units (made in India)
  • Medical equipment (made in India/Italy/Germany/USA/Japan)
  • Impact-based gifting for corporate medical fraternity (made in India)

  • Some of our projects outside India are:
    - State-level mass emergency healthcare plan
    - Countrywide real-time healthcare structure
    - State procurement of ambulances and other medical facilities


    Reach us for more information or to enquire about our products and services.