Strategic Healthcare Business Consultancy


We extensively work with global clientele on high-level healthcare projects that deliver tangible value to national citizens. Our aim is to work closely with suppliers and clients towards singular goal of “excellence through quality”.

Previously, we have successfully completed projects involving mass procurement
and operations of 400+ ambulances and 700+ medical equipment at a national level.This project was carried out in phases across foreign state. The key achievements are:
  • Additional capacity to national healthcare system.
  • Catering to daily healthcare needs of 3m+ population state
  • Served over 68,000 patients across last 365 days.
  • Operational cost reduced by 5x due to reduced burden on immovable state facilities.

  • Field Hospitals

    These are portable medical units that serve the needs of mass calamity and medical emergency. These units can be stored in the chassis or airdropped or even carried via rail. The purpose of these units is to support the main medical facility by allowing extended capacity. These units are inflated into full-fledged medical facility that can accommodate stretchers, medical equipment, oxygen, portable bathroom system, and sterile environment to isolate patients.



    We work on projects to facilitate healthcare needs in countries outside India. Our makeshift concepts and supply chains are designed to accommodate needs of multi-national organisations. We deal in exports of:

  • Ambulances and mobile medical units (made in India)
  • Medical equipment (made in India/Italy/Germany/USA/Japan)
  • Impact-based gifting for corporate medical fraternity (made in India)
  • Some of our projects outside India are:
  • - State-level mass emergency healthcare plan
    - Countrywide real-time healthcare structure
    - State procurement of ambulances and other medical facilities


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